Amed is a picturesque fishing village located on the north-east coast of Bali and is renowned not only for scuba diving but also its world class salt. Amed offers a variety of dive sites within the bay with some stunning coral formations, sponges, hydroids and a huge variety of fish life. To reach these dive sites a traditional Balinese jukung, an outrigger boat, is used requiring dive gear to be put on and taken off in the water. The dives sites vary in depth from 4 metres to 40 metres at the drop off. The sheer variety of marine life at Amed is mesmerising with the possibility of seeing bump head parrot fish, bluefin trevally, bearded scorpionfish, clown triggerfish and turtles. White and black tip sharks are occasionally encountered at Amed. The rainy season can reduce visibility at Amed.

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Amed highlight
Characteristics : Beautiful coral
Visibility : 12 – 25 meters
Current : Moderate
Coral growth : Large areas with stone and soft coral
Marine life : Many species of reef fish, big chance for shark encounters
Depth : 4- 30 meters
Highlights : Large coral fields including fan coral

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