The Blue Lagoon is located at the north-eastern coast of Bali and can be reached around 5 minutes by boat ride or by a traditional boat (Jukung) from Padang Bai Harbour. The dive spots are suitable for beginners even snorkelers as well even though sometimes we have currents in some of those spots. Diving will be in both lagoons at either side of the harbor. The south part of the reef drops vertically to 22 m with many nudibranches and some flatworms can be found here. The underwater landscape is dominated by up to 4 m high growing soft coral where large spiny lobsters can be found. On the northern part the dive starts in 4 to 7 m deep water and drops to 28 meters with many soft corals, glass fishes and oriental sweet lips, current may increase in strength therefore we can find here white tip reef sharks as well.

bali diving bali diving bali diving

Blue Lagoon / Padang Bai highlight
Characteristics : Boat dives with gently dropping slope
Visibility : 15 – 35 meters
Current : None to medium
Coral growth : Stones and soft coral
Marine life : Big variety of reef fishes
Depth : 8- 30 meters
Highlights : Reef shark

bali diving