Menjangan Island is part of the West Bali (Bali Barat) National Park. The island itself is located off the north-western coast of Bali and is only one and a half kilometres long by five hundred metres wide. The dive sites at Menjangan are the most protected in Bali and offer some superb wall diving. The walls vary in depth from 26 to 60 meters. Getting to the island involves a short boat trip from the small harbour on the Bali mainland. There are several sites at Menjangan Island, these include ‘Pos II’ and the Anker Wreck.

The western end of Menjangan features a deep lagoon that has a healthy profusion of corals. The crevasses and cracks in the reef wall reveal an incredible variety of fish life. The wall starts at a depth of 5 metres sloping down to 30 metres. There are gorgonian fans and there is the chance you will see white tip sharks, barracuda and turtles. A colony of garden eels, Titan triggerfish, big-eyed Trevally and scorpion fish are other highlights of this dive site. Pos II starts at about 12 meters and includes a profusion of soft corals and moray eels. Occasionally turtles, Manta rays and sharks can be encountered here. The Anker Wreck, lies at a depth of 35 to 50 metres. The site still has the remains of the boats cargo lying scattered across it. Currents at Menjangan Island vary from none to moderate and the island is an ideal location for beginners and snorkellers.

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Menjangan Island highlight
Characteristics : Drop off
Visibility : 15 – 40 meters
Current : None to moderate
Coral growth : Good
Marine life : Many varieties of small fish, occasionally big fish
Depth : 5 – 40 meters
Highlights : Turtles, Barracuda and Anker Wreck.

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